It’s a Good Time to be a Dodger Fan

With a 8-0win over the Mets on Sunday, the Dodgers have gone 44-7 and had the best 51 game stretch in team history. They have the best record in baseball by a lot and they show no signs of losing steam. They also have best hitter in the NL (Justin Turner) and two Cy Young candidates (Clayton Keyshawn and Alex Wood).

I remember the 42-8 run of 2013 and this team feels so much more special. I am trying not to be blinded by my fanaticism of years past. It is hard. I thought the Dodger teams of the past five years all had what it takes to win the World Series; but they all faced better teams and fell. This team is different. It is inferior to none.

Just like 2013, Yasiel Puig has sparked the team with his play. His play is different this time. It is consistent and disciplined. Those are two words that never described Puig in 2013.

Then there are all the players who make daily contributions like Chris Taylor, Kike Hernandez and Austin Barnes.

This team is truly remarkable.

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