What Happens to the Dodgers When Adrian Gonzalez and Andre Ethier Come Back?

Adrian Gonzalez will come off the disabled list at some point this weekend. What will happen is Rob Segedin will be sent back to AAA. The real question is what happens to the Dodgers lineup. You know the guys who seemed to play a whole lot better once Adrian took some time off to get healthy.

Keep Adrian on the Bench

The ideal role for Adrian Gonzalez is left-handed pinch hitter off the bench. He is most valuable as a veteran with playoff experience who can come in late in tight playoff games and get a clutch hit.

Do you put Gonzalez Right Back in at First Base?

I have to confess…I am not a fan of putting Adrian back at first base. While Cody Bellinger can play left field, he is and MVP candidate and he is comfortable at first base. While he on his rehabilitation assignment, Adrian Gonzalez was not hitting like an MVP candidate. If Adrian were a right-handed hitter, maybe they could platoon and give Cody some days off since they will probably clinch the division in early September. However this is not the case. If you play Adrian at first base, Bellinger moves to left field and then you have the dilemma of moving Christ Taylor to center field and sitting Joc Pederson. I am not a fan of the Bellinger/Taylor outfield. Love the bats; not sure about the gloves. I know Pederson is not hitting. I would sacrifice the offense to have a solid defense up the middle.

Maybe You Don’t Play Him at All.

Things are going so good and maybe you don’t want to mess it up.

What About Ethier?

A bigger problem exists when Andre Ethier comes off the disabled list. Who do you send to AAA? Fortunately the Chris Hatcher trade didn’t make this an issue for Adrian Gonzalez’s return. However Ethier’s return causes a bigger problem. As things stand, who on the current roster is Andre Ethier more valuable than? I would designate him for assignment if it was my decision.

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