10 Thoughts on Patriots v. Chiefs:

Here are my thoughts from the Patriots v. Chiefs game:

  1. Tom Brady got great protection; but he looked better last year when he was taking three steps and throwing lasers to people.
  2. The Patriots really miss Julian Edelman.
  3. Kansas City just gave the league the blueprint on how to slow down the Patriots.
  4. Kareem Hunt was all that people expected him to be and more.
  5. This game would have been a blow-out if Kansas City didn’t commit so many penalties.
  6. Mike Gillisless is the ultimate vulture.
  7. Eric Berry did a helluva job on Gronk. It is sad his season may be over with an Achilles injury.
  8. Is Danny Amendola the new Julian Edelman?
  9. There was 63 points scored and somehow I feel like both teams played good defense.
  10. There goes 16-0

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