10 Thoughts on the Seahawks v. Packers Game:

This was the game I was looking forward to the most in Week 1 and it did not let me down. Both teams came ready to play. These teams have history and they do not like each other.

  1. Both defenses came to ball! It was 3-0 Seahawks at the end of the first half.
  2. Jeremy Lane ejection was unnecessary and a game changer. Took away a touchdown and Seattle’s second best corner.
  3. Seattle’s offense was terrible in the first half. They were saved by the defense and a great two minute drill.
  4. Mike Daniels killed the Seahawks offensive line. They had no idea what to do with this guy. Russell Wilson will be seeing him in his nightmares tonight.
  5. Based on the protection he got from that offensive line, Russell Wilson is pretty amazing.
  6. Seahawks defense was completely worn down by the 4th quarter. They were on the field too much and for too long.
  7. Aaron Rodgers was in rare form. I love that he gets up for big games.
  8. The Green Bay defense is legit.
  9. Randall Cobb is back to being the #2 receiver in Green Bay.
  10. Still not sure who the running back in Seattle is going to be.


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