10 Thoughts on the Texas v. USC Game:

Last week on the podcast, I thought USC had played their toughest game of the year when they beat Stanford. I had no idea that this game was going to be an instant classic.

  1. Both teams were a combined 0 for 5 on fourth downs. I don’t think I have ever seen that. Most teams stop going on fourth down when they fail the first time.
  2. The Texas defense was amazing and played the game of their lives. The middle of their defense was stout. Their safeties balled out. The middle linebacker, Malik Jefferson, was a missile. They completely shut the USC running game down.
  3. Uchenna Nwosu picked up where he left off in the Stanford game. He had a sack, a pass deflection and caused havoc in the Texas backfield.
  4. Early on Sam Darnold looked like a Heisman candidate and then he didn’t; and then he did again.
  5. Jack Jones made some big plays in the secondary. He had an interception and played tight coverage all game.
  6. I seemed like Texas only knew how to throw long balls. Collin Johnson caught 3 passes for 106 yards in the first half.
  7. There are too many dropped passes by USC receivers. I wonder how many dropped or deflected passes will result in a Sam Darnold interception. So far its three of his five interceptions.
  8. Deontae Burnett is a big time receiver.
  9. Porter Guston played an amazing first half with two screws in his foot. That boy has heart.
  10. Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger grew up during the game. He was a freshman in the first quarter and he wa a veteran by the fourth quarter.

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