10 Thoughts From the #5 USC v. #16 Washington State Game:

In our previous podcast, I made some statements in my Two Minute Rant about how USC was going to beat Washingston State. That did not happen. USC lost to WSU 30-27. This was not the shoot out I thought it was supposed to be.

  1. The Washington State offense is a machine. They really throw the ball around the field and have some tough running backs. They almost had 500 yards against a good USC defense. Luke Falk is an NFL quarterback and he ran his offense with very few mistakes.
  2. RoJo was back for USC who needed his tough running and his 86-yard touchdown run.
  3. Washingston State needed some big plays to pull off the upset against #5 USC and they got them. There were some Sam Darnold turnovers and other USC penalties that shot them in the foot.
  4. It cannot be ignored that USC was missing three starting offensive linemen. The running game looked very stagnant and uncreative. They were obviously limited by the inexperienced of true freshmen playing.
  5. Stephen Carr didn’t have that many big plays but is speed is noticeable.
  6. Sam Darnold has almost as many interceptions as he has touchdowns. That is a scary statistic. Were it not for a couple of good throws in the fourth quarter, I would be very very concerned. Instead I am very concerned.
  7. The USC defense had to win this game, and while they made many great plays and kept the game close for the offense, they came up short.
  8. Uchenna Nwosu made another great play with a pass deflection/interception that set USC up on the Washington State 3 yard line. Unfortunately USC could not punch it in; a sign of things to come.
  9. The Washington State receivers dropping passed kept USC in the game.
  10. USC’s best weapon in the second half was the WSU punter who set them up with great field position twice.

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