1A Sports Blog Mock Draft 2.0

  1. Cleveland Browns : QB Baker Mayfield
  2. New York Giant : RB Saquon Barkley
  3. New York Jets : QB Sam Darnold
  4. Cleveland Browns : DE Bradley Chubb
  5. Denver Broncos : QB Josh Allen
  6. Indianapolis Colts : OG Quenton Nelson
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers : S Derwin James
  8. Chicago Bears : WR Calvin Ridley
  9. San Francisco 49ers : LB Tremaine Edmunds
  10. Buffalo Bills (Trade with Oakland) : QB Josh Rosen
  11. Miami Dolphins : LB Roquan Smith
  12. Oakland Raiders : CB Denzel Ward
  13. Washington Redskins : DT Vita Vea
  14. Green Bay Packers : DB Mika Fitzpatrick
  15. Arizona Cardinals : CB Jaire Alexander
  16. Baltimore Ravens : EDGE Harold Landry
  17. Los Angeles Chargers : DT Da’aron Payne
  18. New England Patriots : QB Lamar Jackson
  19. Dallas Cowboys : DT Taven Bryan
  20. Detroit Lions : OG Will Hernandez
  21. Cincinnati Bengals : OG Isaiah Wynn
  22. Buffalo Bills : LB Leighton Vander Esch
  23. Seattle Seahawks : OT Mike Mcglinchey
  24. Carolina Panthers : CB Josh Jackson
  25. Tennessee Titians : LB Rahaan Evans
  26. Atlanta Falcons : EDGE Marcus Davenport
  27. New Orleans Saints : C James Daniels
  28. Pittsburg Steelers : S Justin Reid
  29. Jacksonville Jaguars : WR Courtland Sutton
  30. Minnesota Vikings : CB Mike Hughes
  31. Seattle Seahawks : C/OG Billy Price
  32. Philadelphia Eagles : WR D.J. Moore

1A Sports Blog Mock Draft 1.0


  1. Cleveland Browns : QB Sam Darnold
  2. New York Giants : QB Josh Rosen
  3. New York Jets : QB Baker Mayfield
  4. Buffalo Bills (Trade with Cleveland) : QB Josh Allen
  5. Denver Broncos : CB Denzel Ward
  6. Indianapolis Colts : RB Saquon Barkley
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers : DE Bradley Chubb
  8. Chicago Bears : OG Quenton Nelson
  9. San Francisco 49ers : LB Tremaine Edmunds
  10. Oakland Raiders : LB Roquan Smith
  11. Miami Dolphins : DT Vita Vea
  12. Cleveland Browns (Trade with Buffalo) : CB Jaire Alexander
  13. Washington Redskins : DT Da’ron Payne
  14. New England Patriots (Trade with Green Bay) : EDGE Harold Landry
  15. Arizona Cardinals : QB Lamar Jackson
  16. Baltimore Ravens : WR Calvin Ridley
  17. Los Angeles Chargers : LB Leighton Vander Esch
  18. Seattle Seahawks : OG Will Hernandez
  19. Dallas Cowboys : LB Rashaan Evan
  20. Detroit Lions : DE Marcus Davenport
  21. Cincinnati Bengals : OG Isaiah Wynn
  22. Cleveland Browns (Trade with Buffalo) : S Mika Fitzpatrick
  23. Green Bay Packers (Trade with New England) : CB Josh Jackson
  24. Carolina Panthers : CB Mike Hughes
  25. Tennessee Titans: S Derwin James
  26. Atlanta Falcons : DT Taven Bryan
  27. New Orland Saints : TE Mike Gesicki
  28. Pittsburg Steelers : QB Mason Rudolph
  29. Jacksonville Jaguars : OT Mike Mcglinchy
  30. Minnesota Vikings : C James Daniels
  31. Green Bay Packers : OT Connor Williams
  32. Philadelphia Eagles : RB Derrius Guice

10 Thoughts on Game 1 Weekend

After a great weekend of Game 1’s, I decided to write a little something about what jumped out to me about the games.

  1. The Raptors finally broke their Game 1 losing streak. It took a record three-point performance, but they got that monkey off their back.
  2. Outside of the Warriors and Thunder, I am hoping for upsets in every series of the 1st round.
  3. The Warriors are too much for the Spurs without Kawhi, who has just been ruled out for the playoffs.
  4. The way the Sixers played on Saturday, the Process may be complete. The entire city of Philiadelphia owed Sam Hinkie a big apology.
  5. Playoff Rondo is a real thing. The guy has ten triple-doubles in less than 100 playoff games.
  6. Can Terry Rozier channel his inner Kyrie Irving  for an entire playoff series.
  7. Playoff Lebron cannot carry the defensively retarded Cavs over the Pacers.
  8. The OKC Three plus Melo made a big splash in Game 1.
  9. Derrick Rose balled out for the Wolves in Game 1. Too bad Jimmy Butler and KAT didn’t get enough touches.
  10. James Harden had to put in an MVP performance in order to carry the Rockets through Game 1.

10 Thoughts Preview of the 1st Round of the NBA Playoffs.

The NBA Playoffs start tomorrow and I had 10 things I am thinking about as they are getting started. These are not predictions or what others have written getting ready for the playoffs. Just thoughts that popped in my head when I thought of each matchup.

  1. I always have to remind myself that Chris Paul is a future Hall of Famer. I always thought he was a good little point guard, but I guess I have never seen a game that makes me think this guys is the best point guard in the NBA.
  2. I have heard that Andrew Wiggins is scared of the moment and I want to see if he will shrink or step-up in the playoffs. If Minnesota has any hope of upsetting the Rockets, Wiggins has to rise to the moment.
  3. When it comes to Golden State vs. San Antonio, Klay Thompson is going to be the X-factor for this series. I don’t think KD will be enough. The Warriors are going to need Thompson to drop bombs on the Spurs.
  4. Will Playoff Rondo make an appearance in the series between the Blazers and the Pelicans. Rondo has the uncanny habit of taking his game up four and five levels in the playoffs. I remember when Rondo was the best player for the Celtics during the playoffs even with the Big Three on the court. He made an appearance last year for Chicago; who may have upset the Celtics if Rondo didn’t get injured. I would love to see Rondo outplay Dame Lillard and Anthony Davis and lead his team to the 2nd round.
  5. Carmelo Anthony is going to be the difference between whether OKC wins their first round series with the Jazz or not. Much as he has been the X-factor all season, Melo will be attacked by the Jazz on defense and OKC will need him to hit the open three pointers the Jazz are going to give him.
  6. Will the Raptors continue their streak of losing Game 1’s? They have lost 10 straight Game 1’s. Washington has enough talent to stretch the streaak to 11 if they can put things together for a couple of games.
  7. Do the Wizards like John Wall? I am not sure the rest of his team like him right now. A great series from Wall could help his teammates warm up to him.
  8. The best match-up in the Eastern Conference is The Greek Freak against Brad Stevens.
  9. I know Playoff Lebron will show up and try to make another appearance in the Finals. I just wonder if the Cavs can play enough defense to get him there. They are 29th in the league in defense.
  10. I wonder if Tristan Thompson’s infidelities brought bad ju-ju to the Cavs. However he left his then pregnant girlfriend for Khloe in 2015 and the Cavs won the Finals that season. So maybe this is good for the Cavs.

10 Things from the Dodgers v. Phillies Game:

The Dodgers visited the Phillies with Yu Darvish on the mound. The Dodgers were trying to recover from Kershaw giving up his first grand slam homerun the night before. Somehow they found a way to lose 6-2.

  1. Yasmani Grandal homering is a good sign for him. He has been in a slump for the better part of a month and is in danger of losing his job to Austin Barnes.
  2. Grandal’s catch in the bottom of the fifth inning is the best catch I have seen by a catcher ever.
  3. Darvish continued his streak of scoreless innings. He is rounding into shape for the playoffs. He also got his 200th strikeout of the season.
  4. The Phillies are giving the Dodgers a helluva a series. They do not go away. They play the complete 27 outs.
  5. Rhys Hoskins is a true hitter. I had heard about his power; but he has a great approach at the plate.
  6. Justin Turner is hitting again which is another good sign for Dodgers playoff prospects.
  7. Aaron Nola gave the Phillies a solid start that kept them in the game until the offense could come alive later.
  8. Tony Watson looked like he is ready for the playoffs.
  9. Pedro Baez cannot be on the playoff roster. After giving up four runs in an inning, his September ERA is 22.50.
  10. The magic number for the Dodgers is down to 2 thanks to the Padres beating the Diamondbacks.

10 Thoughts on Patriots v. Chiefs:

Here are my thoughts from the Patriots v. Chiefs game:

  1. Tom Brady got great protection; but he looked better last year when he was taking three steps and throwing lasers to people.
  2. The Patriots really miss Julian Edelman.
  3. Kansas City just gave the league the blueprint on how to slow down the Patriots.
  4. Kareem Hunt was all that people expected him to be and more.
  5. This game would have been a blow-out if Kansas City didn’t commit so many penalties.
  6. Mike Gillisless is the ultimate vulture.
  7. Eric Berry did a helluva job on Gronk. It is sad his season may be over with an Achilles injury.
  8. Is Danny Amendola the new Julian Edelman?
  9. There was 63 points scored and somehow I feel like both teams played good defense.
  10. There goes 16-0

Kevin Garnett vs. Dirk Nowitzki

The reason behind me writing this piece is that I got into an argument with my friends about who is the best Power Forward of the generation  and who is without a doubt is Tim Duncan with 5 championships, 3 finals MVPs, 2 MVPs, and 15 all star appearances but my friends are big Dirk Nowitzki fans so they said he’s the next best but I believe that Kevin Garnett was and they were being blinded by their fandom and not the play. If you must question that I picked KG for my fandom its nothing like that because I’m a Laker fan through and through and I hate KG for beating the Lakers in the 2008 NBA finals. To compare these great players we should compare their achievements KG 1 championship, 1 MVP, 1 DPOY, 15 all star appearances, 4 first team all NBA, and 9 first team all defensive. Dirk with 1 championships, 1 finals MVP, 1 MVP, 13 all star appearances, and 4 first team all NBA. Very similar accomplishments except KG doesn’t have a finals MVP and that may make Dirk better than KG you’re missing half the game. When you try talk about Dirk’s defense its incomparable to KG who is a monster on D. That’s what makes KG better than Dirk for me if you don’t agree with me, that’s fine but I put it out in front of you why KG is better.

The Kyrie Trade

Kyrie Irving was trade to the Boston Celtics for Isiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, and the 2018 Brooklyn Nets 1st Round Pick. I believe that the Cleveland Cavaliers won this trade the main reason is they got Brooklyn’s pick which is practically a top 3 pick in this upcoming draft which will give them a good start on their rebuild with everyone thinking Lebron James will leave next off-season. They have Isiah Thomas now, he is signed for only one year which will give Lebron James one more chance to win another title in Cleveland and I believe him and Derrick Rose can match the production of Kyrie Irving. Jae Crowder will give them extra depth and he is signed through the 2019-2020 season. Ante Zizic is rookie who could be developed into a decent player. For Boston I wouldn’t call it a compete loss because they have young group core and a stupid amount of picks that lossing the guys in the trade isn’t a big deal I can tell they’re looking for a way to get past Lebron and why not one of his teamates to lead Boston against him. I don’t know if this team is good enough to beat Lebron and the Cavaliers but I know this is  Kyrie’s team and I’m excited to see what he does. For the small group of people who think Gordon Hayward is the MAN of Boston with Isiah Thomas being traded away, you must be on something. First Kyrie is better than Isiah Thomas so I don’t know why it wouldn’t be Kyrie. Second Kyrie wanted to leave Cleveland to lead his own team, to not be Lebron’s side kick and you think he’s gonna go to Boston and be Gordon Hayward side kick you are insane. Gordon Hayward isn’t even comparable to a player like Lebron James and I think that Lebron caliber are the only players who are good enough players to make Kyrie their side kick. All in all, it was a good addition for the Celtics to add an allstar like Kyrie to the roster who has been to the Finals the last three years to lead your team and did I mention that he only 25.