10 Things from the Dodgers v. Phillies Game:

The Dodgers visited the Phillies with Yu Darvish on the mound. The Dodgers were trying to recover from Kershaw giving up his first grand slam homerun the night before. Somehow they found a way to lose 6-2.

  1. Yasmani Grandal homering is a good sign for him. He has been in a slump for the better part of a month and is in danger of losing his job to Austin Barnes.
  2. Grandal’s catch in the bottom of the fifth inning is the best catch I have seen by a catcher ever.
  3. Darvish continued his streak of scoreless innings. He is rounding into shape for the playoffs. He also got his 200th strikeout of the season.
  4. The Phillies are giving the Dodgers a helluva a series. They do not go away. They play the complete 27 outs.
  5. Rhys Hoskins is a true hitter. I had heard about his power; but he has a great approach at the plate.
  6. Justin Turner is hitting again which is another good sign for Dodgers playoff prospects.
  7. Aaron Nola gave the Phillies a solid start that kept them in the game until the offense could come alive later.
  8. Tony Watson looked like he is ready for the playoffs.
  9. Pedro Baez cannot be on the playoff roster. After giving up four runs in an inning, his September ERA is 22.50.
  10. The magic number for the Dodgers is down to 2 thanks to the Padres beating the Diamondbacks.

Episode 8 – NFL Week 2 Wrap-Up

Langston Aron and Craig Aron break down Week 2 fantasy and NFL results for Week 2. They also bring back the Two Minute Rant. Craig Aron used the Two Minute Rant to do a victory lap for his teams. Langston Aron ranted about the Big Baller Brand.

10 Thoughts on the Texas v. USC Game:

Last week on the podcast, I thought USC had played their toughest game of the year when they beat Stanford. I had no idea that this game was going to be an instant classic.

  1. Both teams were a combined 0 for 5 on fourth downs. I don’t think I have ever seen that. Most teams stop going on fourth down when they fail the first time.
  2. The Texas defense was amazing and played the game of their lives. The middle of their defense was stout. Their safeties balled out. The middle linebacker, Malik Jefferson, was a missile. They completely shut the USC running game down.
  3. Uchenna Nwosu picked up where he left off in the Stanford game. He had a sack, a pass deflection and caused havoc in the Texas backfield.
  4. Early on Sam Darnold looked like a Heisman candidate and then he didn’t; and then he did again.
  5. Jack Jones made some big plays in the secondary. He had an interception and played tight coverage all game.
  6. I seemed like Texas only knew how to throw long balls. Collin Johnson caught 3 passes for 106 yards in the first half.
  7. There are too many dropped passes by USC receivers. I wonder how many dropped or deflected passes will result in a Sam Darnold interception. So far its three of his five interceptions.
  8. Deontae Burnett is a big time receiver.
  9. Porter Guston played an amazing first half with two screws in his foot. That boy has heart.
  10. Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger grew up during the game. He was a freshman in the first quarter and he wa a veteran by the fourth quarter.

10 Thoughts on the Dodgers v. SF Giants Game:

After playing until 2:15am, the Dodgers and Giants were back at it tonight. The big question was whether the Dodgers’ losing streak of 11 games was going to end tonight.

  1. The streak has ended. Thank God!!!
  2. There was a discrepancy in pitch counts between Clayton Kershaw and Johnny Cueto. After two innings, Kershaw had thrown twenty pitches and Cueto had thrown 45 pitches. Cueto only lasted three and two thirds innings.
  3. Kelby Tomlinson was 0 for 14 against Kershaw until he hit a homerun tonight that gave the Giants a 1-0 lead.
  4. Chase Utley and Kershaw sparked the Dodgers in the fourth inning with an Utley homerun and a Kershaw double. Their two hits sparked a four run fourth inning for the Dodgers.
  5. The Giants made some serious defensive errors which lead to Dodgers runs. There was a misjudged fly ball in right field and Kershaw’s double was misplayed by the left fielder.
  6. Curtis Granderson and Yasmani Grandal are slumping real hard. They combined for 0 hits and left seven runners on base.
  7. Cory Seager stunk it up as well with 0 hits and three strikeouts.
  8. Puig is finally playing like the man we knew he would be in 2013. He has finally found his swing.
  9. Chris Taylor threw out another runner at the plate. He leads the team in outfield assists.
  10. Kenley Jansen pulled off another four out save. He had the deal with the bases loaded and one out in the bottom of the ninth. He dealt with it in Jansen-like fashion by striking out the final two batters.

10 Thoughts on the NY Giants v. Cowboys Game:

Another hard one to pick. I thought this was going to be a battle of two offensive juggernauts. I knew the Giants had a Top 5 defense; but the Cowboys have a ton of weapons. I was also very suspect of the Dallas secondary. I didn’t see a 19-3 game Cowboy victory.

  1. Zeke Elliott is a beast. He cannot be tackled by one man. He is unstoppable!
  2. Janoris Jenkins owns Dez Bryant. The only play where Dez got the upper-hand on Jenkins was a pass interference play that should not have been called.
  3. Dallas had the intention of wearing out the Giant defense from the get go with their no-huttle offense in the first quarter.
  4. It took 18 minutes for the Giants to get their first first down. That tells you everything you need to know about the Giants offense.
  5. As a feel good story, Jalen Smith played his first game; and he was good as well.
  6. The Dallas Cowboys offense has too many weapons.
  7. The Giants offensive line is terrible and Eli Manning knows it (happy feet).
  8. Sterling Shepherd was the only guy Eli trusted last night.
  9. Evan Engram is fast! They should throw him the ball more.
  10. Brandon Marshall caught one pass when the game was over. The game may have been better if Eli threw him the ball.

10 Thoughts on the Raiders v. Titans Game:

I had a hard time picking this game. Both teams are up and coming. Tennessee just barely missed the playoffs last year. Oakland surprised everyone by winning twelve games last year. It would be very easy for both teams to take a step back.

  1. Raiders offense looks really good. The additions of Marshawn Lynch and Jarrod Cook only makes them look more dangerous.
  2. Raiders secondary still looked shaky. It was their Achilles heel last season and I am not certain they have improved.
  3. Marshawn Lynch looked good. He was quick and strong and making great cuts. The Raiders just have to keep him healthy and fresh for the entire season.
  4. Adoree Jackson (a favorite of the 1A Sports Blog) is going to be a formidable corner and kick returner for the Titans.
  5. The Raiders made an effort to get the ball to Amari Cooper. He rewarded them with a hard-fought touchdown. He also dropped a bunch of passes.
  6. Marcus Marriotta is a legit NFL quarterback. He made some great throws and he ran for a touchdown.
  7. For the first time since 2001, the Raiders do not have Sebastian Janikowski on the roster. They put him on IR Sunday morning.
  8. There was a 2:1 ratio of touches for Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry. I guess Murray is the premier back for now.
  9. Delanie Walker should be in the Top 5 tight end discussion. His seven catches for seventy-six yards lead the Titans receivers.
  10. Rashard Matthews is Marriotta’s go to guy with five catches for seventy-one yeards.

10 Thoughts on the Seahawks v. Packers Game:

This was the game I was looking forward to the most in Week 1 and it did not let me down. Both teams came ready to play. These teams have history and they do not like each other.

  1. Both defenses came to ball! It was 3-0 Seahawks at the end of the first half.
  2. Jeremy Lane ejection was unnecessary and a game changer. Took away a touchdown and Seattle’s second best corner.
  3. Seattle’s offense was terrible in the first half. They were saved by the defense and a great two minute drill.
  4. Mike Daniels killed the Seahawks offensive line. They had no idea what to do with this guy. Russell Wilson will be seeing him in his nightmares tonight.
  5. Based on the protection he got from that offensive line, Russell Wilson is pretty amazing.
  6. Seahawks defense was completely worn down by the 4th quarter. They were on the field too much and for too long.
  7. Aaron Rodgers was in rare form. I love that he gets up for big games.
  8. The Green Bay defense is legit.
  9. Randall Cobb is back to being the #2 receiver in Green Bay.
  10. Still not sure who the running back in Seattle is going to be.


10 Thoughts on the USC v. Stanford Game

  1. USC gave Stanford the “Stanford Treatment” in their 42-24 victory. They bullied the Cardinal in the trenches. They dominated the time of possession and they outrushed the Cardinal. They got dudes!
  2. Sam Darnold finally threw a touchdown pass. He actually threw four touchdowns.
  3. Bryce Love is Christian McCafferty 2.0. He had 144 yards in the first half. Good thing USC shut him down.
  4. Uchenna Nwosu looked like Von Miller against the Stanford offense. Stanford quarterback, Keller Chryst, was under duress the entire night.
  5. Stephen Carr is the 2017 version of Reggie Bush. 11 carries and 119 yards against what was supposed to be a formidable defense. Carr is averaging 10 yards a carry.
  6. The referrees tried their best but they could not swing the game for Stanford. Their were some ridiculous personal fouls and some missed pass interference calls. But USC was too much for Stanford.
  7. USC didn’t punt until there was five minutes left into the third quarter. That was the only punt USC of the game.
  8. Deontay Burnett is next in the line of great USC receivers. His Rose Bowl performance was not a fluke.
  9. Keller Chryst needs another year before he is ready to lead the Stanford offense.
  10. Too many interceptions for Sam Darnold. The interceptions were made by great plays of the defense; however I know Darnold can do better.

10 Thoughts on Patriots v. Chiefs:

Here are my thoughts from the Patriots v. Chiefs game:

  1. Tom Brady got great protection; but he looked better last year when he was taking three steps and throwing lasers to people.
  2. The Patriots really miss Julian Edelman.
  3. Kansas City just gave the league the blueprint on how to slow down the Patriots.
  4. Kareem Hunt was all that people expected him to be and more.
  5. This game would have been a blow-out if Kansas City didn’t commit so many penalties.
  6. Mike Gillisless is the ultimate vulture.
  7. Eric Berry did a helluva job on Gronk. It is sad his season may be over with an Achilles injury.
  8. Is Danny Amendola the new Julian Edelman?
  9. There was 63 points scored and somehow I feel like both teams played good defense.
  10. There goes 16-0