Episode 11 – Two Minute Rants, Obituaries, Week 5 NFL Wrap-Up & NBA Preview

Episode 11 features Two Minute Rants where Langston Aron rants about the Raiders defense and Craig Aron rants about the feeling sorry for the NY Giants. Then the boys wrap-up Week 5 of the NFL and preview Thursday Night Football. Finally they close the podcast out with a preview of the NBA season by talking about trades and going through the ESPN Top 100 players list and the new All-Star Game format.


10 Thoughts on Week 5 NFL Games:

  1. Aaron Rodgers beats the Cowboys again.
  2. The Giants are done. They are 0-5. They have no receivers. OBJ is done for the rest of the season. They play Denver this week and Seattle next week. They are looking at at least 0-7. They should tank for Sam Darnold.
  3. The Raiders are in a tailspin. They have no Derrek Carr. Marshawn Lynch is not what he was billed to be. The defense is worse than anyone expected. They have lost three in a row and they made Baltimore look like the best offense in the NFL.
  4. Ben Rothlesberger threw five interceptions including two pick-sixes. Pittsburgh has the talent to turn things around. I just don’t know if they have discipline and mental toughness to play ball.
  5. Super Cam Newton is back. For the second week in a row, Cam was the best player on the field. If he keeps this up, Carolina is very dangerous.
  6. The Chiefs are going to challenge for 16-0 as long as everyone stays healthy. No one can stop their offense and their defense is above average. Alex Smith is playing like an MVP and Kareem Hunt is leading the league in rushing by a 143 yards.
  7. DeShaun Watson threw five touchdowns. He continues to rise to the occasion. While the Texans did not beat the Chiefs, they put up a big fight and  showed they can play with the best team in the NFL.
  8. Mike Pence’s political stunt ruined Peyton Manning’s statue ceremony in Indianapolis. I hope Trump’s golf-buddy gives him an ear-full.
  9. The Rams are not legit yet. They had a chance against the Seahawks; but they had five turnovers and didn’t look like the league’s best offense.
  10. The Buccaneers should have beaten the Patriots if they had a mediocre kicker. Doug Martin’s return makes them a legit team. The Buccaneers defensive line put a beating on Tom Brady.

Episode 10 – Two Minute Rants, Week 4 NFL Wrap-Up and TNF Preview

In Episode 10, Langston Aron rants about LaMelo Ball being homeschooled and Craig Aron rants about the Raiders failed fake punt that may have cost them the game. Then the boys wrap Week 4 in the NFL and preview Thursday’s game between the Patriots and the Buccaneers.

10 Thoughts on the NY Giants v. Cowboys Game:

Another hard one to pick. I thought this was going to be a battle of two offensive juggernauts. I knew the Giants had a Top 5 defense; but the Cowboys have a ton of weapons. I was also very suspect of the Dallas secondary. I didn’t see a 19-3 game Cowboy victory.

  1. Zeke Elliott is a beast. He cannot be tackled by one man. He is unstoppable!
  2. Janoris Jenkins owns Dez Bryant. The only play where Dez got the upper-hand on Jenkins was a pass interference play that should not have been called.
  3. Dallas had the intention of wearing out the Giant defense from the get go with their no-huttle offense in the first quarter.
  4. It took 18 minutes for the Giants to get their first first down. That tells you everything you need to know about the Giants offense.
  5. As a feel good story, Jalen Smith played his first game; and he was good as well.
  6. The Dallas Cowboys offense has too many weapons.
  7. The Giants offensive line is terrible and Eli Manning knows it (happy feet).
  8. Sterling Shepherd was the only guy Eli trusted last night.
  9. Evan Engram is fast! They should throw him the ball more.
  10. Brandon Marshall caught one pass when the game was over. The game may have been better if Eli threw him the ball.