Mock Draft Monday

Today marks the beginning of our Fantasy Football season here at 1A Sports Blog. Langston Aron and myself have both done mock drafts and we will walk you through our picks and why we made them. This may help understand where certain players should be taken and it will also help you figure out how to prioritze your picks within the draft itself.

My Draft

The draft I entered was a 10-team, standard scoring league with the picks going in a snake order. I have never participated in a PPR league. Therefore all the insights that I give will be helpful only for standard scoring.

Round 1 – Mike Evans – WR – Tampa Bay

In discussing my first pick, I have to discuss the Big 6. In all of Fantasy Football this year, there are the top six players. These players are Le’Veon Bell, David johnson, Antonio Brown, Ezekiel Elliott, Julio Jones and Odell Beckam, Jr. The order where they are chosen really doesn’t matter. They should be chosen with the first six picks of the first round. If they are not, someone messed up.

Unfortunately for me, I had the seventh pick in this particular draft. The seventh pick is interesting. You missed out on the Big 6 players, however you get 7 & 10. So technically you will get two Top 10 players while those guys with the Big 6 only get one.  

I chose Mike Evans because I believe he is the seventh best player in fanstasy               football. He will not and should not be considered part of the Big 6; but he is the next closest thing. He will receive a good share of the targets in Tampa Bay and he will have a lot of catches and the potential for a lot of touchdowns.

Round 2 – Devonta Freeman – RB – Atlanta

For the second round, I wanted to pick up the best running back available. There were some good wide receivers still on the board for pick #10. However I felt like getting a Top 5 receiver and a Top 5 running back would be setting my team up for success.

Devonta Freeman is a duel threat with his great running ability and his ability to catch the ball.

Round 3 – Alshon Jeffrey – WR – Philiadelphia

Round 3 is where a player has to decide where he wants to get his bacon. They have to decide whether they want to get their points from wide receivers or running backs. The key to this move is once you make it, you have to be committed to it. I decided to get my points from wide receivers. Therefore I chose Alshon Jeffrey. He is the best receiver on a team where he should see a lot of targets.

Round 4 – DeAndre Hopkins – WR – Houston

Like I said above, once you make a commitment you have to stick with it. Therefore I chose the best wide receiver still on the board. I have to confess that I had Hopkins on my fantasty team last year and he killed me for all except one week. I am trusting the Osweiler trade is enough to bring Hopkins fantasy prospects back to life. Mostly I made the pick because of the commitment I made.

Rounds 5-8 tomorrow…

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